by Jimmy Rhatigan

Kilkenny accountant, Patrick E Walsh who has been calling for months to have excess deaths in our country explained to our people, has welcomed a proposed probe into sudden and excess deaths.

But his goodwill came with a caution as he said the first step should be to halt Covid Vaccinations pending any analysis suggested by An Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar.

 Patrick reminded that any Government action had come three months after he highlighted what he termed frightening death figures in Kilkenny Press.

He recalled too that that was when he first brought a climb in deaths to the attention of Kilkenny County Councillors and local media

“More importantly, it is two months after the Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly was made aware of excess deaths in Kilkenny by a question submitted by Councillor Andrew McGuinness on my behalf, in the last week of November.

“In his reply the Minister understated Kilkenny deaths that conveniently hid the excess deaths problem.

“Did this ‘error’ delay the investigation by two months?” he asked.

He noted that the Taoiseach is to raise a spike in deaths with Chief Medical Officer, Professor Breda Smith who, according to a report in The Examiner Newspaper is to be asked to examine the issue.

The Taoiseach told the Dáil an increase in the number of excess deaths, ‘probably related’ to the fact that RSV, ‘flu and Covid are all circulating at the moment.

Patrick said the Taoiseach seemed to be pre-judging the investigation by saying that effects of the lockdowns might be to blame.

“By saying this, is he not admitting that the lockdowns were killing people at greater rates than the pandemic they were designed to deal with?

“The excess deaths were there long before winter arrived and correlate with the introduction of the Covid Vaccine in early 2021.

“Correlation is not causation but this is where the search for answers should begin and where Covid Vaccine should be ceased.”

In deciding to ask the advice of the Chief Medical Officer, the Taoiseach agreed with Aontú chief Peadar Toibín that the issue needed further consideration after the latter raised the Irish Examiner story in the Dáil.

Patrick provided December and January Rip.ie death figures:

December ‘22 and January ’23: Overall deaths up 43% and 61% on pre-Covid winters; Overall deaths up 18% on pandemic winter.

Sudden deaths up 59% and 145% on pre-Covid winters; Sudden deaths up 42% on pandemic winter.

He said that during the pandemic and lockdown every death was treated as a news story and a tragedy while the 18% higher figures of now raise nothing but what he termed the sound of crickets from the Government, mainstream media and health officials.

He said more and more people were asking questions out of fear and concern as deaths continue to jump.

“Following Kilkenny Press stories and the YouTube interview https://youtu.be/vBSzS45K60c, over 30 people had contacted him looking for guidance on how to extract figures from Rip.ie for their counties.

“People are awakening and not waiting for the mainstream media to shed any light on a problem that the likes of RTE won’t even acknowledge,” he concluded.

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