by Jimmy Rhatigan

Has your cash been refused by any local business?

If so we would be delighted to hear from you

Cash has always been king in Ireland and for the sake of our people it is vital that the status quo should be treasured.

There are some who seem determined to do away with cash and to confine our day-to-day financial dealings to online.

What a disaster it would be if those who wish to take away our financial independence were to win any currency war.

By agreeing to do all our transactions on line we would in effect be throwing away our right to choose, would be spancelling our feet together and  tying our hands behind our backs.

In other words we would be helpless, at the mercy of our lords and masters, Government and banks in particular.

We would be condemning ourselves to a life of slavery, shutting ourselves into a prison of horror where the aforementioned Government and brutal banking, along with its cousins in financial treachery, myriad vulture funds that would delight in feeding off our carcasses.

We cannot warn our people enough and we urge them to refuse a poison chalice that would court us to a way of living that would give the ruthless, merciless and wealthy control of every single one of our financial transactions, whether it is paying for a funeral or buying a lollipop for a little boy or girl.

Imagine we would have to get someone else’s permission to purchase a handkerchief or a wee Barbie Doll.

We are not exaggerating.

Anyone who falls for false and well sugared publicity promoting a cashless society surely believes in the Tooth Fairy.

Reality is that control is the objective. It is not about so-called handiness, a better form of doing business and all the gibberish that is served up as those who seek to crucify us have the cheek to try to peddle a pig in a poke.

Banks are among those leading the charge to a control that would make our lives a misery and crush any aims and projects that future generations might be considering.

A Cashless Society would be our burden in life and those who dig their hands into our pockets without our permission would gladly crucify us on that cross.

People can plan all they like but will be unable to do anything positive without answering firstly to Big Brother who will then monitor every move we make to add a little comfort to our own lives and the lives of our extended families.

Sadly, one of our country’s finest sporting organisations has thrown its lot in with the renegades who would have our guts for garters.

That the Gaelic Athletic Association has turned on the thousands of men and women who fought to give it its greatness is astounding, horrible to think about, disappointing too for the millions who over myriad decades entertained and delighted our people as sporting amateurs in hurling and Gaelic Football with superb performance of parish pride, passion and personal skills.

We could go on and on and we know we will encounter those who would call us hysteria merchants, trouble shooters and God only knows what else.

Far from being mavericks we simply cannot remind enough times that what is happening could change our lives for the worst, creating thousands and thousands of innocent souls for banks, Government and their allies to sacrifice us on an altar of horror.

Thankfully, we are happy that there is a knowledge out there that the pro cashless brigade is leading us down a garden path where banks and their fellow rogues in finance will then skin us, charge what they like for the use of bank cards and derail any plans we may have that would not suit their greedy and cruel ambitions.

The death of cash would be akin to a funeral in a family. It is that serious and must be resisted with courage and an unbridled will to scuttle evil plans.

We urge men, women and children in our local community to continue to do business with hard cash, to support only businesses that accept our Euros and to shun those who would force us to pay by card.

Protest is our lethal weapon. It is vital that we put it to good use by exposing those who would delight in seeing us all in financial straitjackets.

We would ask Kilkenny Press readers to inform us if they come across local shops, businesses of any kind that demand cards instead of coins and notes.

We will be happy to give those power mongers the kind of publicity they richly deserve.

We encourage those who want to keep cash flowing to make their presence felt, never through violence but through good, honest protest that could mean leaving a basket of goods on a shop counter, telling the person selling the goods to keep them and saying you won’t be back after card payment was demanded instead of cash.

In this honourable protest we can accept that we are being cruel to be kind to ourselves, for our futures.

Remember cash is king and it is up to us to keep that king on his or her throne.

Long live the king.

Here are but a few examples of how a cashless society would affect us:

No more cash gifts for children’s birthdays; no saving in piggy banks; no little envelope of money for First Communions and Confirmations; no reward from the Tooth Fairy; no reward for street buskers; no money for church collections; no cash for street collections for local charities; no envelope from granny with a little cash gift for a birthday; no cash for ESB or Gas meters; no coins to give a lift to our street homeless.

No joy. Only one big financial farce.

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