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Clare butcher has bullocks’ notions

by Jimmy Rhatigan

PLEASED TO meat you would be our greeting to this larger than life supporter of the Banner carrying the challenging banner. 

Well I de-Clare, the fan seems intent on giving Kilkenny the chop. 

The banner suggests that the victualler’s knife has a cutting edge in preparation for the Croker showdown with our Cats.

But one senses that the impressively decorated Clare aficionado’s bite may not be as rough as any bark.

As well as flying the Clare colours of saffron and blue, our hurling pal also champions the excellence of Donie O’Keeffe’s Champion Meats of 1/2 Turnpike Road, Clonroad Beg, Ennis, County Clare.

The grapevine message to Kilkenny Press is that the meat at Donie’s is top of the class.

Our advice is to cherish the title Champion Meats as following the All-Ireland semi-final it is our Cats that will be purring as we look forward to becoming the hurling champions of Ireland.

Believing that Clare will skin our Cats, is, with respect akin to having bullocks notions.

At another time there were those who believed that Delaney’s Donkey would win the Aintree Grand National.

Similarly, some supporters can be as stubborn as a mule when hurling mania strikes.

And he or she can end up making an ass of him or herself.

Best of luck to Clare but our belief is that the Cats will bring home he bacon.

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