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Deaths pile up but not a whisper

by Edited by Jimmy Rhatigan

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) has has just released Q4 mortality figures for 2022 which allows us to compare the full year’s mortality with pre Covid years.

The results are shocking but not surprising on an annual level and are surprising but not shocking on the Q4 level.

In the first case 2022 Total registered deaths per CSO is 35477.

Previous years’ figures: 2017: 30484. 2018: 31116. 2019: 31134.2020: 31765. 2021: 33055.

There is a 15% increase in 2022 on the pre Covid 3-year average (2017, 2018, 2019).

To give Kilkenny Press readers an idea of how high 15% is: there was a 2% increase in the pandemic year of 2020 compared to 2019.

“The year 2020 brought the ‘Great Pandemic’ when every death was a tragedy and there was a call to enforce pointless mask wearing etc,” Thomastown, Kilkenny accountant, Patrick E. Walsh told Kilkenny’s independent news website.

“There were 3712 (12%) extra deaths in 2022 compared to 2020 but scarcely a whisper,” continues the man who one of Ireland’s and particularly Kilkenny’s most vociferous when pleading with the powers that be to investigate the reason or reasons for excess deaths and to be transparent and frank with our people.

“An excess death rate of 15% means that 4566 extra people died in Ireland in 2022 compared to pre- Covid times.

Between 2021 and 2022 there have been 6710 extra deaths in Ireland.

“What has happened since start of 2021 to see such an explosion in deaths?

“This is the moment in time when you will see whether the ‘Irish State’ as it currently manifests itself in its rainbow jersey actually cares about the Irish people who pay its wages.

“Will these deaths be acknowledged in the Dáil and mainstream media? Those of us shouting from the rooftops for the last seven months have been vilified for ‘statistical lies’ but now the burden of action is on them.

“Why hasn’t the Chief Medical Officer, Professor Breda Smyth made a statement since 1/2/’23 when she was to be asked to review excess deaths only for December 2022 and January 2023?

“She needs to say something fast because if there is something she suspects might be behind these excess deaths in Ireland and the western world, every second wasted could mean another life lost.

“These figures should be headline news on RTE, Virgin Media, Newstalk etc with these media outlets asking for answers for the Irish people and not just trotting out the figures and moving on.

“If the Irish Times, Independent and Examiner don’t have them as banner headlines and are not demanding an independent inquiry then you will know the whitewash is complete.

“What has happened with the Scamdemic and Covid 19 vaccination programme since March 2020 could not have happened with a functioning media,” Patrick accuses.

“Heads should be rolling in the Cabinet, HSE, RTE, National and local media and Civil Service but it won’t happen because the so-called captains of Covid have already deserted the sinking ship.

“Tomorrow and the following days will in all likelihood confirm that any delusion we had about living in a democratic republic is dead in the water,” he adds.

“The Q4 figures for Kilkenny are ‘very interesting’ on a statistical basis considering some analysis I did previously comparing CSO and Rip.ie figures.

Table 1
Comparison of Kilkenny deaths per CSO and rip.ie
CSO figures 660646660697
Rip.ie after duplications removed867834893947
CS0 as % of rip.ie76%77%74%74%
Table 2
Calculation of 2022 Q1-Q3 Differential:
Rip.ie after duplications removed 782
CSO 575
CSO as a % of rip.ie74%

“This analysis shows that over four years and three quarters of 2022, CSO figures as a percentage of rip.ie figures for Kilkenny ranged from 74% to 77%.

“Kilkenny Q4 rip.ie figure is 313. CSO  is 189.

“That makes CSO figures 60% of rip.ie for Q4 and 70% of rip.ie for the year of 2022 when the lowest over previous four years was 74%.

“A big difference considering the scale of the dying in December 22 was so bad that the Taoiseach had to answer questions in the Dáil about it on 1/2/’23.

This might take further investigation but in itself doesn’t take away from the scale of the excess deaths.

“Maybe or maybe not this anomaly is exclusive to Kilkenny and is of no concern in the national figures but either way the difference will be pushed into Q1 2023 figures which we won’t get for another three months.

“Remember in all this statistical analysis and commentary that rip.ie is a live record of real-time dying and all those deaths are more than just statistics to family and friends.

“Trust your gut instinct when someone especially those responsible and in power are trying to tell there is nothing to be concerned about in the excess death figures, official or not.

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