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Eirgrid Light Up Young Lives

by Edited by Jimmy Rhatigan

THIS WEEK, students from Kilkenny City Vocational School hold their own SciFest STEM Fair with the chance of winning the EirGrid Climate and Delivering a Cleaner Energy Future Award.

EirGrid, operator and developer of Ireland’s electricity grid has partnered with SciFest to create the climate and energy-focused award for its SciFest@School programme.

SciFest@School is a second-level programme promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) education by providing a forum for students to present and display their scientific investigations.

EirGrid is working to transform the power system for future generations and as such, wants to listen and learn from those who will be integral in Ireland’s efforts to achieve at least 70% of electricity consumption via renewable energy sources by 2030 – an important step on the journey to 80% and to net zero by 2050.

Stout words from Ms Porter. SciFest CEO Sheila Porter addresses students at a SciFest STEM Fair.

The EirGrid Award will be presented to the secondary school students who design a creative, innovative approach to utilising energy from clean resources.

Kilkenny City Vocational School students hold their fair on this Friday, December 17.

Errol Close, Head of Strategy and Sustainability with EirGrid told Kilkenny Press that EirGrid’s strategy is shaped by climate change and is delivering a cleaner energy future.  

Achieving this will require strong development of the skills and critical thinking required across society.  

“Our partnership with SciFest offers not only the opportunity to promote greater participation in STEM subjects but also to support young people to develop these skills and showcase their innovation and creativity in addressing an existential challenge like climate change,” added Mr Close.

SciFest’s Founder and CEO, Sheila Porter said: 

“We are excited and proud to have EirGrid join SciFest as a Silver Sponsor. 

“EirGrid is leading the charge in making Ireland’s green and renewable dream a reality. 

“Only through innovation and critical thinking, core skills nurtured by the SciFest programme, can we, as a society rise to the challenge presented by climate change and the need for cleaner energy. 

“The EirGrid award will be presented at local SciFest@School fairs across Ireland and throughout the school year will act as an incentive for young people to innovate, create and contribute to solutions to these issues.”

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