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Has Our Government A Death Wish For Us All?

by Jimmy Rhatigan

One could be forgiven for believing that the trinity of Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and the Green Party has a death wish for our people.
Sadly, we do not have a Charles Bronson in the Dáil to protect our vulnerable communities in particular from the inhumanity of a Coalition Government that displays an obvious dislike, even total disrespect for working class people.
In tandem with Fine Gael, a party that he was once adamant he would not go into power with, FF’s weakling leader Micheál Martin and the unbelievably disappointing Green, Eamon Ryan, seem determined to ruin this country, leaving a mess maybe to Varadkar who Martin obviously likes to dislike.
A terrible trinity of bungle and bluster has made horrific decisions to batter our people, and, worryingly, is doing all in its power to hide the villains of the so sad era of Mothers and Babies.
Cunningly, Martin tried to blame families and the greater community for the Mother and Babies Scandal but he knows damn well that FG and FF, along with the Catholic Church didn’t give dignity to Mothers and Babies.
The icing on any cake of disdain came in a recent Dáil vote.

The latter saw combined Government forces, aided and abetted by the independent Fine Gael gene pool, vote against mandatory hotel quarantine for non-essential travel.
The entire Government forces beat a combination of the rest, an insane victory that could explode in their faces and, worse still, cost thousands more lives.
The modus operandi is akin to locking a battery of chickens into a safe house and then opening a side door for Foxy to slip in for his lunch.
The kind of leadership being offered by Varadkar, Martin and Ryan is bordering on total neglect and smells of putting cronyism and Golden Circle ahead of health and safety.
A recent popularity poll wasn’t kind to the trinity as the people of Ireland began to give vent to their anger.
But, we should not forget that those in power could not go down this hazardous road without the nodding and genuflecting of their subservient lackeys (oops backbenchers) who regularly queue to vote as they are rounded up by Party Whips in Gestapo-like exercises.
Our country is still on the edge of an abyss and it would appear that an uncaring Government regime is more intent on edging our people over the side than showing any care and esteem for them.

A problem in Ireland is that when mistakes are made or bad decisions are taken, nobody stands up and admits to kicking over the bucket of cow’s milk.
For instance, if there is a mishap at a hospital or care home under the aegis of the Health Service Executive (HSE), it is the HSE that either apologises or more often than not fails to accept blame.
The time must come in all of the public sector where somebody utters the magic word ‘guilty.’
Making a mess of a project in a private company could lead to demotion or even the sack.
In the public sector, a similar faux pas could get you a promotion.
If a compensation court hearing ensues, no matter how big, the bill is paid by the taxpayer.
In other words everybody loses except the guilty one or ones.
Government may of course argue that Party Whips are the drivers that ensure that business is done promptly in the Dáil.
Opposition will point out that Party Whips kill freedom of choice and massacre democracy.
Unfortunately, when Opposition becomes Government, it may just throw its freedom philosophy out the window.
Probably wouldn’t happen, would it?

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