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“How long can we ignore excess deaths?”

by Edited by Jimmy Rhatigan

It is one of the great scandals since time began. And it is being ignored by most of the medical profession, politicians and the media in TV, newspapers and radio that has failed to report the truth in the news.

The latter are the words of Thomastown, Kilkenny accountant, Patrick E Walsh who has been campaigning for what he terms a thorough and independent investigation into excess deaths in Ireland and particularly in his native city and county.

In an update he puts on record that the 2023 excess death rate for Ireland to the end of July is 18.4%.

He says that this is based on rip.ie figures excluding duplicates and foreign deaths compared to the five-year average to 2019 (ie pre Covid and mRNA vaccinations).

He recalls that the equivalent figure for 2022 was 18.4% and 2021 was 14.8% for full years.

“The 2023 figure to the end of July for Kilkenny using the same basis is 27%: 2022 27%: 2021 9%,” he continues.

“There were 60 deaths in Kilkenny during July 2023 and the figure for 2019 was 41.

“That is a 46% increase.

“Yes, July is off a small base figure but for how long can we go on ignoring that the excess death trend has been on the rise since July 2021 in line with the full roll out of the mRNA vaccinations?

“Two circumstantial pieces of evidence questioning the mRNA vaccines as being ‘safe and effective’. have arisen in the last couple of days.

“Meanwhile Professor Courtney told KCLR that St Luke’s General Hospital, Kilkenny has a visiting ban due to a Covid outbreak. He reminded that Covid had never gone away and had burst out again in St Luke’s.”

Here is Professor Courtney’s interview with senior journalist Edwina Grace:

“He also spoke about people not wearing masks out shopping and referred to people congregating in groups.” 

A HSE advertisement looking for ‘Covid 19 Vaccinators’ was issued in August 2023. 

“A pertinent question: Where are all the previous ‘vaccinators’ gone?


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