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Journalism dragged through the gutter

by Jimmy Rhatigan

Kilkenny Deaths: ‘They sit back and watch as the death count gets higher (Bob Dylan).

The official excess deaths figure in Ireland for 2022 compared to the three years prior to the Covid ‘Pandemic’ is 15%, Thomastown, Kilkenny accountant, Patrick E. Walsh has told Kilkenny Press.

“That means 4633 extra people died in 2022 than would have been expected to die.

“The official percentage for Kilkenny was 19% which equals 121 extra dead.

“These figures were confirmed by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) on 26/5/2023.

Now ask yourself did you see these figures in the national and local mainstream media,” Patrick continued.

“If you need to think about it then the answer is ‘NO’ because the figures should have been headline news.

“The first five months of 2023 have seen no let up in the dying in Kilkenny.

“The figures for Kilkenny as per rip.ie (excl. duplications) for January to May are 463 deaths which is 82 (22%) higher than 2019.

“There have been nearly four extra deaths a week in a small Irish county in 2023 so far this year.

“You won’t have seen these figures in our local papers or heard them on our local radio stations either.

“The reason these figures are not appearing in mainstream media is that the public would then demand an answer to the obvious question.

Why are people dying and continuing to die in excessive numbers since mid


“Up to date statistics on excess mortality have been released in the UK https://youtu.be/hHXICFnF-do.

“These figures show that excess deaths in the UK are not respiratory related ie not due to Covid but are due to heart and brain problems.

“The also show excess deaths happening in ages 25 to 64 which are off the scale.

“The narrator is very careful not to mention the Covid 19 MRNA vaccine because the video would be banned so he hints as to what is the only common factor in the Western world, where excess deaths are happening.

“The cause ‘that dare not speak its name’: Could it be Covid MRNA Vaccine?

“The solution to Covid that the local and national mainstream media promoted without questioning as ‘safe and effective’ in 2021 is now in the dock for excess deaths.

“That’s why these figures are not published and debated in mainstream media.

“To do so would acknowledge their wilful or negligent complicity in the excess death carnage enveloping the Western World.

“If the ‘black cap’ fits, wear it,” Patrick concluded.

At Kilkenny Press, what we might term The Silence of the Lambs is disturbing, shameful and irresponsible.

That newspapers and radios, local and national, along with our national broadcaster and other television stations have failed to cover the story of excess deaths, has to be a scandal at a time when our people deserve to know why death rates continue to rocket.

Sadly, that scenario is being repeated all over our so-called civilised world.

Journalism is being dragged through the gutter by many writers, broadcasters and others who choose to turn their backs for whatever reason.

The self or enforced censorship is alarming and is a huge red flag as more and more people continue to pass away for whatever reason.

Our people deserve better. The Fourth Estate continues to press a self-destruct button.

Meanwhile, a world crisis rumbles on and families are left distraught. The people of Kilkenny deserve answers. 

But for the bravery of Patrick E. Walsh we would be living in the dark as it is lights out with the vast majority of so-called journalists.

RIP Press Freedom.

Doctors are differing in their views but are mostly saying nothing while politicians, our supposed ‘guardian angels’, councillors and TDs are shockingly non-cooperative and totally disrespectful to those who they continue to lobby for votes.

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