by Jimmy Rhatigan

The figures demand answers but will anyone ask the questions?

So asks Thomastown, Kilkenny campaigner, Patrick E. Walsh who is determined to find out why sudden deaths are spiralling in Kilkenny and indeed in several counties in Ireland.

As stated previously there is a certain amount of subjectivity in the Sudden Death figures but the criteria are applied consistently from year to year to give valid data for comparison purposes.

 “Sudden Deaths are self-declared in death notices or are evident from condolences, age of victim etc. Any obvious accidents, suicides or cancer deaths are omitted,” Patrick told Kilkenny Press.

“While 30% variation in such circumstances might be dismissible, a 100% increase demands questions regardless of where you think the answers lie.

These figures would suggest that the massive increase in sudden deaths didn’t kick in until 2022 when over 90% of our adult population had been vaxxed as per graph.

“My reasoning for picking March as the cut off month for comparison purposes is that the Covid Vaccination programme had only just begun, being aimed at the elderly and vulnerable at the start.

“Fear mongering and a manufactured perception of scarcity meant that 95% plus of this group self-selected themselves for the jab.

“The graph shows that at end of March 2021 less than 8% of the adult population had been ‘fully vaxxed’ but thereafter the figures rise quickly as the programme widened and ‘greater availability’ of the vax meant people jumped at the chance to be ‘protected’ and ‘to protect’ others,” he continued.

“Overall deaths show an increase of 27% on the 9 month 3 year average.

“In Kilkenny that has meant 180 extra deaths in the 9-month period and all the grief and anguish that goes with it for the families involved.

“I will leave it to someone else to calculate the extra deaths on a national level on the basis that Kilkenny is a microcosm of Ireland as a whole.

“If you are reading this, the chances are that like me you believe people are dying in greater numbers over the last 12 months or so.

“Regardless of whether you agree with me as to where the blame lies I would urge you to share this research with the ‘awake’ and ‘asleep’ and to demand action from your local politicians and media”.

“At this stage I believe that correlation indicates that the C19 vax is the cause of the majority of excess deaths as indicated in research by Ed O’Dowd in the USA and Josh Sterling in the UK.

“UK research shows that those who received C19 vax aged under 50 have a 49% higher mortality rate.

“Unfortunately, the Irish Sea will not prevent those figures applying to Ireland.”

Patrick is calling on Government, health seniors an indeed anyone who can come up with a proper answer as to why so many of our people are dying.

“A promise of an investigation has been made by Taoiseach Varadkar but we have not heard a peep since that vow was made.

“All I want is an answer to a ‘why’ question that is tormenting so many people. If a legitimate answer is eventually provided by a competent and knowledgable person or persons then our people will at least know what is causing the problem and may be able to protect themselves from being statistics in a sad litany of mortalities,” Patrick concluded.

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