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Kilkenny’s War Of Independence

by Jimmy Rhatigan

Kilkenny County Council Library Service is to make available two specially commissioned publications covering events in 1921, one of the most memorable years in Kilkenny during the War of Independence period.

 These publications aim to enhance an understanding of and a respect for events of importance and complements the on-going Decade of Centenaries programme at local authority and national level.

 Both publications have been researched and edited by local researchers and historians.

  • Kilkenny Men interned in Ballykinlar, County Down, 1920-21, researched and written by Orla Murphy, edited by Carmel Cummins. 

This work, a piece of original research, sheds a spotlight on this scarcely remembered event

  • Kilkenny Jail Break, November 21, 1921, researched and written by Fergal Donohue. 

The large complex of the old Kilkenny Jail only survives now in the name ‘Gaol Road’

“One of the main aims of the programme is to raise awareness of the decade period locally and to put the spotlight on often forgotten events from this period. 


“These publications will provide a tangible reminder of these important events,” said Declan Macauley, Executive Librarian.

“Our focus was to promote a deeper understanding of the historical events of the period with particular emphasis on the events and experiences in Kilkenny,”he added.

Copies of these publications will be available from the Library Branch network from December 14. 

They will also be available to download from the library website www.kilkennylibrary.ie .

The library team expressed its appreciation to Orla Murphy, Carmel Cummins and Fergal Donohue who developed important sources of information that will promote a deeper understanding of events that took place.

Additional decade-themed resources have also been developed with a range of podcasts covering a variety of topics at https://www.kilkennylibrary.ie/eng/our_services/decade-of-centenaries-resources/ 

Further details: [email protected] 056 7794166

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