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Letter to the Editor – Lunatics running the asylum?

by Kilkenny Press

“For God’s sake, get the vaccine, and if you don’t, stay at home.” 

That infamous appeal by one of Ireland’s highly-paid TV presenters should not to be forgotten or airbrushed in the annals of recent history. 

Hats off to the 15% that did not get the jab. Hats off to the awakened 98% that are not taking the boosters.

No hats off to the presenter who pushed a branded jab through the medium of a child on a Christmas toy show, the segment regarded by complainants as abuse.

No hats off to politicians and media ignoring excess deaths.

Meanwhile: Extracts from Ireland’s National Health Service Executive website:

“We’re here for you

“Helping you take control of your health and wellbeing. Covid-19 vaccination is available to children aged 6 months and older.”

“You can book the first round of vaccination – for all children age 6 months and older. The first round of vaccination is 3 doses. The second dose is given 3 weeks after the first. The

third dose is given 8 weeks after the second dose.”

Yours etc, 

Joe Terry



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