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Letter to the Editor: ‘SUPERMARKET RIP OFF’

by John Tierney

Dear Editor,

The new battlefield in this ‘cost of living emergency’ is the supermarket.

Canyons of grocery products that supermarkets owners want you to take from their shelf to your shelf.

Prices for groceries in Irish supermarkets have a history of being higher that our European neighbours. 

From this base and the almost daily prices increases means the Irish consumer is paying more for even the most basic basket of groceries.

What forces are at play when supermarkets can raise prices at a whim and no statutory body says why?

For years Irish supermarkets have feasted on the Irish consumer.

Their annual profits give these companies the financial heft to absorb supply chain increases without using the consumer as a money sponge.

The usage of apps, loyalty card and vouchers is nothing more than retail fool’s gold.

Promising a lot but in the end of no real value to the consumer.

Trying to dazzle with a voucher while hiking the price of the same product is retail sleight of hand.

A recent survey reported that Irish consumers rank cost (63%) as the most important consideration for food purchase.

Shoppers need to be more vocal and raise the price increases issue with their local supermarket manager.

In addition, leaving the product on the shelf sends a message that this price increase has gone too far.

Just saying!


John Tierney
County Waterford

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