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Letter to the Editor: Supermarkets: ‘The brothel approach’

by Edited by Jimmy Rhatigan

Dear Editor,

With the approaching summer heat the energy crisis recedes.

Now the government has time to have a sniff at the Irish supermarket industry.

Grocery prices have increased to a level that even the basic living items like bread, butter and milk have become luxury purchase items.

The cost of living crisis has allowed supermarket chains to crucify people to their weekly receipt.

How can current grocery prices be justified? 

Prices for groceries in Irish supermarkets have a history of being higher that our European neighbours. 

From this base and the almost daily prices increases means the Irish consumer is paying more for a basket of grocery items.

What forces are at play when supermarkets can raise prices on a daily/weekly whim and no statutory body says ‘why’?

The government’s light touch has allowed supermarkets to adopt a brothel approach; screw the customer, take the money and back they will come. 

Irish supermarkets have always feasted on the consumer.

Even when Covid-19 laid the world to waste the Irish supermarkets gorged.

Their bloated annual profits gives these companies the financial heft to absorb supply chain increases without using the consumer as a money sponge.

If grocery prices continue upwards then a people’s revolution has to take place.

Nobody minds paying for groceries at a fair price, but what is going on in Irish supermarkets is shopping trolley extortion.

The grandfather of angst, Morrissey, once warbled, ‘Shoplifters of the world, unite and take over’. 

At the rate prices are going resorting to applying a five finger discount might be the only way to put food on the table

The Irish government needs to step in and tell the supermarkets to end their addiction to upping prices.

It is a habit that produces no bargains only rip-offs for consumers.

John Tierney
County Waterford

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