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Martin Is Taking The Mickey

by Jimmy Rhatigan

THE AIR turned blue. 

The language was disgusting.

I couldn’t believe my ears.

I never expected to hear such effing and blinding in my own sitting room.

But on this occasion, I somehow managed to forgive rather than to condemn.

I was so angry that I couldn’t help myself.

Even a photograph of a patronizing Micheál Martin sends my blood boiling.

But when he is waffling, shoveling out rhetoric, he sends my head in a spin.

It was just as well that I hadn’t my hurley in my hand as I would have pulled recklessly and that would have cost me a new telly.

The sight of Martin on what to me is an amble of power as he edges to a microphone for his umpteenth pandemic spiel to the nation is enough to churn my stomach.

Were he a passionate leader, a man of vision with a record of protecting the people who pay his gargantuan wages (that’s all of us) then I would probably give him the benefit of the doubt.

But his bland words and arrogant expression as he announced a series of further pandemic restrictions on Friday evening’s TV news, simply didn’t hit the spot but knocked me for six.


I can only imagine how workers and owners in the hospitality sections, pubs and restaurants, theatres and other business that felt the axe, may have felt as they were told that their families were once again to be thrown to the wolves.

How many television sets were smashed; how many cups of coffee were fired at unsuspecting TVs?

The only consolation was, Martin reminded, that ‘we are all in this together’.

Most accept that precautions have to be taken but with the notion that the actions, were, nilly-willy, plucked from a raffle drum, the hypertension of thousands must have gone wild.

Patronising us is hardly a way to encourage us to keep the rules that begin on Sunday.

It would have been much better had Martin given us all the two fingers and told us that he was again shutting down the country and he didn’t give a tuppenny fcuk how any of us felt.

That would perhaps have been the decent thing to do.

The broadcast on RTE, one of several media propaganda machines, local and national, for the Government’s pandemic policies, included the obligatory advertisement for vaccine and more vaccine.

A minority of our people may be anti vaxxers but the rest of us, vaccinated and unvaccinated, would be a lot happier if we could be assured, with independent evidence, that all vaccines are 100% safe.

The latter would mean that Pharma would have to tell us vaccine ingredients now and not in 2075 as it proposes.


Should the latter be provided, it would go a long way towards getting everybody on the same team and would perhaps be a positive weapon as, instead of easing off, a killer called Covid gets even more vicious.

Perhaps the time has come for all owners and workers hit, taxpayers, mortgage holders and family providers one and all, to march on the Dáil.

A united front could refuse to budge from Kildare Street until they got a written guarantee of agreed recompense for earnings lost or Government fell on its sword.

When planning any protest, in tandem with thousands of well-wishers, who we believe do exist, it is vital to remember that without action there is no hope of change.

For, the people who make the rules, ie our well-heeled politicians, don’t lose a single Euro at emergency times.

The ball is now in the court of workers and business owners.

If they don’t pull on it and drive it into the bowels of Leinster House, then their agony could be prolonged for God only knows how long.  

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