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More power to ESB workers

by Jimmy Rhatigan

SOMEBODY somewhere may be setting a trap that could pit workers against workers.

Kilkenny Press notes that there are lots of stories about how thousands of ESB workers are getting cheaper electricity for life at a time when energy bills are torment families all over Ireland.

It seems that the workforce of the power supplier, understood to be somewhat less than 8,000 receives generous discounts.

Similar benefits are understood to be enjoyed by those in retirement years as somewhere around 7,000 former staff members also enjoy the company’s generosity.

So what?

The inference in some quarters would appear to be that staff and former staff at the ESB are not entitled to any perks for their years of hard work.

Whether or not the idea is to put the cat among the pigeons as families buckle under the pressure of exorbitant ESB bills we cannot say for certain but the old adage that if there is a smell of manure then manure is not far away, pops up its ugly head.

The belief of Kilkenny Press is that ESB workers and retirement staff are fully entitled to the comfort of cheaper electricity as a thank you for their dedication.


As a people, we have no problem with and should be very grateful to  ESB employees climbing poles in storms in a bid to bring back electricity to local communities.

Bluntly, they could be putting their own lives on the line to light up ours.

Mischievous pokes at staff perks would be ignored and we should wish ESB workers well and indeed compliment management who would appear to appreciate the efforts of employees, past and present.

We should encourage this decency. Perhaps if more companies showed more respect for employees then workplaces would be happier and more productive for staff and management.

In the meantime, it is up to communities to put pressure on Government to ease the pains of troubled families by cracking a whip that would debar big brother from pumping up prices, thereby making life a misery for little brother.

We should be wary of fake news and propaganda and, sadly, there are buckets of both in local, national and international media and as much more again on social media.

The message has to be that if you want to pick a fight with someone, go for the boyo who causes you the trouble, not his next door neighbour.

More power to ESB workers and retirees, you deserve to be treated with respect.

To Hell with the begrudgers. 

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