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Not a doorway to Heaven but…

by Edited by Jimmy Rhatigan

IT MAY not be a doorway to Heaven but it could be the next best thing.

The history and architecture of St Lachtain’s iconic Hiberno-Romanesque church doorway will be outlined in a lecture at the church in Freshford on this Friday, May 20, pm. 

Titled The History and Architecture of St Lachtain’s Church and Doorway, the lecture will be delivered jointly by Ms Margaret Quinlan, architect for the most recent church renovation, and Dr Rachel Moss, Trinity College.

Ms Quinlan is a conservation architect, RIAI Grade 1 accredited. 

She is in private practice and has many years of experience in historic buildings. 

Her practice prepared the Conservation Plan for St Lachtain’s Church of Ireland, published in 2004, and for a range of other projects. 

She has co-written two volumes in the architectural heritage Advice Series published by Government. 

Dr Moss is Head of Department and Associate Professor, History of Art and Architecture at Trinity. 

She has a particular interest in medieval sculpture and was the art history expert on the St Lachtain’s Conservation Plan team. 

She is editor and principal author of Medieval – Volume 1 of the RIA Art and Architecture of Ireland series. 

This lecture is one of a series held throughout this year to celebrate over 1400 years of worship on this site and to commemorate the death of St Lachtain in 622 AD. 

Admission is free.

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