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Our Cats Are Caught In A Trap

by Edited by Jimmy Rhatigan

Corinthians left Loreto with all three points, leaving the Kilkenny men wondering what might have been. 

Although the score suggests otherwise, Kilkenny will certainly feel that it left something behind. 

While last week the damage was done in the last minute, this week Kilkenny was undone early on. 

Once Corinthians opened the scoring the visitors sat back, using all their experience and guile to draw Kilkenny in and hit them on the break. 

Unfortunately, the Kilkenny men fell into the trap and against the play were hit with two goals on the break. 

With the early goal conceded Kilkenny heads didn’t drop. 

The hockey Cats drove forward but Diarmuid Langton and Ross Comerford failed to make chances like last week.

Tristan Lynas made the most of his brief glimpses of goal but he couldn’t find the net.

Having performed so well last week, this was very much a rude awakening to the reality of this division. 

Much more will be needed next week as Kilkenny welcome Pembroke to Loreto.

Squad: Paul O’Donnell, Danny Mulligan, Nigel Dagg, Gordon Peppard, Gavan Corcoran, Jack Bennett, Alex Firbank, Diarmuid Langton, Evan Hughes, Hugh Dagg, Tristan Lynas, Ross Comerford, Luke O’Donnell, Kieran Delaney

New players are always welcome at training: Tuesday (7.30-9pm) and Thursday (7.30-8.30pm)

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