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Phoenix Can Save Journalism From The Ashes

by Jimmy Rhatigan

As an avid reader of the Phoenix magazine for many years, I am delighted to be re-united with what I believe to be one of the great reading experiences in modern Ireland.
For one reason or other I became what one might term a sporadic peruser.
But old habits die hard and like the Manorfarm Chicken I’m back.
Spotted the 40-page offering on the well-stocked magazine shelves of News Plus, Loughboy in Kilkenny City and after a terrific read I have vowed to rock on with a publication full of insightful writing, vibrant journalism, stories without fluff but with warts and all.
Phoenix is a breath of fresh air.
As one who has witnessed the profession of journalism slip slide to mediocrity and worse, it is so heartening to find page after page of the real thing.
With so many newspapers nowadays dancing to the tune of Corporate Ireland, big doses of lazy journalism and publications dressing up stories to suit Government or its allies, it was so exciting and satisfying to get back to the real thing, the nitty gritty of investigation, thorough writing and public the lot.
The Phoenix doesn’t write what somebody, somewhere wants you to know but what someone somewhere doesn’t want you to know or indeed find out.
In my 54th year in journalism, I had finally admitted that honourable and honest journalism was a thing of the past.

With a few notable exceptions, some scribes too often turn out press releases, rehashed stories that may even have been plagiarised and certainly not penned to provide answers to questions that John and Mary Public are entitled to ask.
Public relations departments churn out thousands of words of rhetoric on various subjects, mostly telling us of the great deeds of a Government that loves us.
Pull the other leg is today the reply of so many to the latter.
The Phoenix is a blessing, a reminder perhaps that real journalism can be saved or, more importantly, that there are zealous people willing to work to rescue the well written and forthright word.
This rant is not an advertorial.
I can assure Kilkenny Press readers that I have never in my entire career written for this fine publication.
As much as I would be proud to do so, it has simply never happened.
Enjoy a great read for €3.65.
And please feel free to tell Kilkenny Press what you think at [email protected]
Readers’ views are so important and always welcome.

Great value for money.
The choice is yours.

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