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Porter for us: Wine for TDs

by Jimmy Rhatigan

HYPOCRISY did I ever offend thee?

Not too long ago our politicians voted to hike the cost of so-called cheap alcohol as they said they feared we were scooping too much and wanted to curb our intake.

Looking after our health?

Sound boys and girls?

You must be joking.

They were simply ticking boxes and collecting more revenue from those who can barely afford to fork out for half a dozen cans of Guinness a week.

Disgustingly, they spent Dáil time debating the price of cheap porter at a time when Covid was raging, homeless were lying on our streets, the housing crisis was getting even worse and aged and ill were lying on trolleys as there were no hospital beds.


You must be joking.

Now, to box the heads off us and kick our arses the wasters we elected have just spent more time planning on buying booze, lots of it, for their own greedy guts.

A headline had me reaching for a can of lager I could barely afford.

The Houses of the Oireachtas are to spend up to €300,000 on their own branded wine over the next four years, to sell in the Dáil Bar.

On one hand they are supposed to be concerned about our tippling and on the other they are stocking up the shelves with the finest of vino – for guzzling themselves.

Kilkenny Press has learned that a tender has been advertised for wine suppliers to provide both ‘entry-level; and ‘mid-range’ wines that would carry the Houses of the Oireachtas label and would be flogged to thirsty public representatives.

In a nutshell, they are careful to look after their own expensive tastes in wine while bullying us into paying exorbitant prices for a couple of cans of stout.

The only conclusion we can come to is that the boys and girls in the Oireachtas should be monitoring their gargle intake.

The conclusion has to be that many of them may have a passionate love affair with the demon drink.

Considering the rubbish that some of them spit out on a regular basis in the Dáil Chamber, it would not be unreasonable to suggest that their fat arses are more used to bar furniture than they are to political party benches.

The cheek of them!

Couldn’t they go to Lidl or Aldi the same as the rest of us.

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