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Six Sound Amigos With A Common Goal

by Jimmy Rhatigan

SUPER SNAPPER Donal Foley’s Kilkenny Press picture of half a dozen happy hurling boys epitomizes all that is good in sport.

The lads, we would suggest, were as happy as Larry, although none of them may be called after the famous Larry who everybody talks about but few if any seem to know.

The six buddies, followers of whatever club at the county senior hurling champion ‘semis’ on Sunday, were huddled together like Brown’s cows, milking the best out of an afternoon of sport and enjoying the great outdoors.

They made themselves comfortable, rested their weary feet on UPMC Nowlan Park seating, gazed, perused the match programme or swapped hurling or other banter.

It would have been interesting to be a fly on the wall to listen to their views on who would make the county final.

Donal snapped them during the first half of the O’Loughlin Gaels/Tullaroan match. 

The feeling is that the three hurling heroes from left, the chap holding the programme, the boy with the glasses and their friend with the healthy head of ginger hair, just may have been supporters of O’Loughlin Gaels or Tullaroan.


The next lad, third from right, holding a Lucozade thirst quencher was having a quick word on his mobile phone.

He may have been ringing his girl-friend or reminding his ma that he would be home after the games for his Sunday roast.

The boys on the extreme right, the chappie with a can of Cola and his trusty hurley which may have been taped in the  James Stephens colours and his very relaxed friend, just may have been analyzing what direction the game was taking or, dare we suggest it, wondering who would win between Manchester United and Liverpool.

We could be way off with our assumptions, and most likely are.

But, regardless, it was fantastic to see the group of true amigos devoting their time to the great alfresco attraction that is a hurling clash between local warriors.

A beautiful game on a beautiful day would perhaps sum up the scenario.

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