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Spike in deaths: ‘Incorrect figures’

by Jimmy Rhatigan

Response to the Kilkenny Press expose of frightening numbers of sudden/unexpected and overall deaths in Kilkenny from our ‘guardian angels’, aka county councillors has been pathetic.

Local media, with the exception of Community Radio Kilkenny City looked away.

But the action of city Councillor Andrew McGuinness, one of only three councillors to reply to figures for deaths in Kilkenny provided by local accountant, Patrick Walsh of Thomastown just may ironically be a game changer in our life and death story.

Andrew contacted Health Minister, Stephen Donnelly for a reaction to the Kilkenny figures and the reply from the Minister’s Office to Andrew’s dad, Deputy John McGuinness just may be an element in what is a possible game of Russian Roulette.

Patrick has acknowledged to Kilkenny Press that the figures compiled by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) are correct.

But, he said Minister Donnelly in his reply quoted a total of 310 deaths in Quarter 1 and 2 for 2022. 

He said the actual total for the CSO figures was 410.

And he added: ‘Whether the latter is by design or by error I will leave to others’ judgment. 

‘I checked the official CSO statistics website (Table 12) and the following figures are correct: 

Quarter (Q) 1: 2022 deaths 221; Quarter 2: 189. Total: 410 deaths in Kilkenny.

‘The Minister got his quarters mixed up and conveniently came up with a total 100 less than the real total for 2022.’

Patrick said CSO Total Deaths for 2019 are 643 as per the CSO statistics. Half was 322 deaths so as to compare Q1 +Q2 2022.

‘That’s 88 more deaths for a six-month period in 2022 compared to 2019.

‘That’s 88 people, their families and loved ones that the statistics quoted conveniently tried to hide.

‘That is a 27% increase which is very close to the 30% I published with my research.

‘Please thank the Minister on my behalf for fact checking and proving my figures,’ Patrick said tongue in cheek.

‘Can we now move on and deal with the question I posed nearly four weeks ago?: 

‘Why is there an extra 30% approx deaths in Kilkenny in 2022 as compared to 2019?’

Patrick thanked Councillors Mary Hilda Cavanagh, David Fitzgerald, Andrew McGuinness and his father, John for being the only responders out of 24 councillors contacted about what he called ‘frightening figures’.

Former Mayor of Kilkenny, Michael Doyle spoke to Kilkenny Press and admitted that there was an alarming spike in deaths in his local electoral area, the Rower Inistioge.

Patrick reminded that all he is looking for is an answer to worrying figures and is not pointing his finger in any direction, or is he making any assumptions as to what the cause or causes might be.

He added that only an independent investigation can come up with any possible answers and he described such as vital emergency action.

He called on the remainder of Kilkenny councillors to show responsibility and stand up for the health of those who elected them and said local media, along with national press, would be forever shamed if it did not help to inform people about what is happening.

He said he is disappointed and shocked that the Kilkenny People and KCLR have not responded despite numerous contacts.

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