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Sum wins for Johnwell’s Rory

by Edited by Jimmy Rhatigan

Rory Flanagan from Johnswell has won bronze in the Winter International Challenge for Economics.  

This competition is run by the International Economics Olympiad.  

Rory took on third level students throughout the world. 

He was part on a team from Rockwell College in Tipperary chosen to represent Ireland.  

Contestants had three tasks including an economics exam based primarily on behavioural economics.  

Task two was a team event where they prepared a business case study on how to make out a successful marketing campaign for an environmentally sustainable business of their choice.  


Finally, students got to play the Financial Literacy Game where Rory managed a portfolio of stocks and shares.

Christian Benos of the University of Athens said Rory was the youngest to receive a medal.  

Rory had shown a deep understanding of contemporary economics and was one to watch out for.  

Rory was also part of the Rockwell College team that finished fourth in the Generation Euro Competition in February, run in partnership between the Irish Central Band and the European Central Bank.  

There was further good news for Rory when he easily passed the First Round of the Irish Economics Olympiad.  

His teacher Pat Egan reflected on Rory’s determination and ability to lead and to problem solve while also remaining extremely humble.

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