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Super: Awesome Aroma Deters Intruders

by Jimmy Rhatigan

A candle that exudes a beautiful aroma and keeps intruders at bay is the latest creation of a fledgling local business.
Cleary Candles of Foxcover, Cuffesgrange, born in the Summer of 2020 is now taking orders for Citronella, a candle that works wonders in the great outdoors.
The new candle keeps, midges, flies, bees and other intruders at bay but does not harm the busy members of Mother Nature’s Team.
The hand-poured soy candle is also environmentally-friendly.
Cleary Candles was launched by granny, Eileen Lay and her grandsons, Eoin and Niall Cleary.
Orders are now being taken Instagram, Facebook or at clearycandles.com
Kilkenny Press is delighted to support local enterprise.

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