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The magic of a Fonsie Mealy Auction

by Jimmy Rhatigan

THERE is always something special about a Fonsie Mealy Auction.

To be fair, there is more often than not a bit of magic about bidding on what you might regard as a bit of magic to brighten up your family home or to head to work in.

A Mealy one-day sale is good, a two-day event is fab but a three-day spectacular has to be the ultimate.

The latter is a Fine Art Sale fixed for the family auctioneering firm’s Chatsworth, Castlecomer Salesrooms on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, June 14, 15 and 16.

At the height of the Covid pandemic some sales were conducted online only.

As normality creeps back the three-day affair that we might term the blessed trinity is a live event with an online facility.

The thrill of bidding at an open auction is a welcome return to what truly is live entertainment where, akin to a certain TV programme there is so often something for everyone in the audience.

A sample of some of the lots leads us to believe that the June gavel gig will be a memorable shuffle as eager bargain hunters bid for a piece of beauty. 


It could be an item that he or she longed for but never spotted before until the Fonsie Mealy show opened in his native place.

We already mentioned travelling to work. 

On offer is a fantastic motorbike that should get you there in record time. 

There is a superb vintage trap that would be comfortable travelling provided of course that you have a pony to pull it.

And then there is a canoe. Why in the name of god would you use a canoe to get you to work, one might ask.

Simple really if you let your imagination run wild. 

If there is a stretch of water anywhere near your family home that runs by or even close to where you spend most of your day, then why not jump in and hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work you go.

Whoever selected the sample lots for Kilkenny Press did a brilliant job. 

The other gem in our little collection is a grandfather clock, so important to ensure that you get to work on time.

A fully illustrated catalogue of the sale is now available on https://bit.ly/3z6VB60.

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