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The voice of Kilkenny people

by Jimmy Rhatigan

Welcome to Kilkenny City and County’s not for profit community website.

As Editor I am delighted to be part of a volunteer team, a mix of young and young at heart, retired media folk and others with interests in community projects and who love to write.

Our aim is to provoke healthy debate, to listen to all age groups in our greater community, men, women and children, ordinary people who deserve to have their views heard.

This website offers a forum for people who matter and deserve answers, not for those who believe they may be important.

We will encourage local people to exercise their right to free speech.

We will urge them to question those who see themselves as our masters, politicians at all levels, public servants, the powers that be in all aspects of public life and those who at another time would have demanded that we doff our hats to them, if we had hats.

To encourage transparency and openness we will not publish anonymous views so names, addresses and ‘phone contacts are vital with any correspondence.

We will discourage fake news, false or derogatory statements, racism and discrimination in any form

But, we stress this is not a rule book we are writing, simply a place where people of all ages, colour and creed can get stuck into public debate, have fun, enjoy what we believe will be good journalism and, most importantly, feel free to question our views.

We will not take payment for advertising but we will be happy to receive small donations to cover the cost of keeping this website to the highest possible standards.

We will invite scribes and experts to write on topical events.

As an Editor with 54 years’ experience in journalism I will endeavour to give fair play to everyone.

Our great wish is that readers will enjoy reading and hopefully corresponding as much as we plan to enjoy our new journey at a time when fun and games are very important as we fight a pandemic together.

We will welcome all and sundry on board as we unashamedly take the side of local people and we hope the good ship Kilkenny Press.ie will have a memorable cruise.

Jimmy Rhatigan

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