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Turning The Tables On Hospitality Friends

by Jimmy Rhatigan

Our local community is being given an opportunity to turn the tables on those who have served us so well for generations.
Led by an energetic Village Childcare & Community Services volunteer team, an operation ‘Helping Hand’ will help those who have wined, dined and accommodated us in better times.
A sector of Irish business renowned for warmth and good cheer is being brutally bitten by a treacherous virus.
An appeal has gone out to our generous local communities to help struggling bar workers, restaurant floor and kitchen staff, and the thousands of others who man and wo-man the lifeline that is the heartbeat of local tourism.
Sporadic lockdowns that have meant no work for almost a year means that those employed in hospitality are on their knees, starved of action due to health restrictions.
The Village Warriors are now appealing to our ever caring public and to any businesses in a position to help, to donate clothing and non-perishable goods to ease the pains of hospitality workers.

Plan is that The Village Childcare & Community Services, incorporating Kilkenny Offering a Helping Hand will fight hard to assist those under stress.
At this time much focus is on hospitality which has been mercilessly hit by health and safety trimmings and restrictions brought on by a hungry virus.
Comparatively small outfits in particular are under the cosh, battling bravely but dreading possible disasters.
In fairness, Government has opened a taxpayers’ purse to help families in need but with lockdowns continuing there is only so far an allowance of €350 will go as mortgage, food, clothes, heating and multiple other bills pile up.
The organisers of this mercy mission stress that the following items are urgently needed and thank all those kind people who have supported their work to date and who, they are confident, will answer the call once more.
The latter is the nature of our close-knit urban and rural communities.
Needed are…
Ladies and gents clean clothing, fleeces, hoodies, jumpers, polo and T-shirts, tack bottoms, jeans, leggings, socks, men’s boxers, ladies briefs, coats, runners/footwear (flat)
Cereal, sugar, jam, honey, wraps, carrot/veg in jars/tins, tinned beans, sweet corn, tinned soup, tinned meatballs, tinned meet, custard carton, Ambrosia Rice, tinned fish, tea bags, pasta, rice and sachets, Bolognese sauce big and small.
Toothpaste, tooth brushes, roll-on deodorant, shampoos, conditioners, sanitary towels, body wash and razors.

James Stephens GAA Club has given the organisers access to its clubhouse in Larchfield, Kilkenny.
Volunteers will be there on this Saturday and Sunday, February 27 and 28 from 11am to 6pm.
Alternatively, donations can be dropped off to any volunteers at City Hall, High Street on Monday, Wednesday or Friday nights between 7pm and 9pm.
The Village Childcare & Community Services is a fully registered charity, CHY 11038.
It will ensure that all donations are distributed to individuals and families in the Kilkenny area only.
Should readers have any questions or queries please contact Martin on 087-7914867.

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