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Vultures get nod to devour families

by Jimmy Rhatigan

HOW SICK are the Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and Green TDs?

Greviously ill has to be the conclusion if one is to judge by the sad trinity’s latest decision to give vulture funds in Ireland carte blanche to wreak misery on unfortunate citizens.

A mix of TDs from the Opposition benches did its utmost to stop vultures from strangling those that vultures have by the throat.

The latter voted against a Government bill to allow vultures to run riot amongst our people.

But, as usual, City Hall won the day by 71 votes to 60.

This means that vultures can continue to buy up houses, thereby depriving families the opportunity to purchase homes at reasonable or affordable prices.


Perhaps we are over simplifying the problem but we make no apologies for that as the bottom line is that Government is once more smashing the teeth and boxing the heads off innocent and good living people it is supposed to represent.

As well as getting into bed with vultures, the TDs of FF, FG and Greens are behaving like spoiled brats and hypocrites.

On one hand, when it suits, TDs condemn the vultures and then, akin to highly paid assassins, they queue up to put bullets in the heads of loving parents and struggling families.

The actions of these cruel parties have now reached the level of a snake’s belly.


TDs have no mercy; no scruples and they are prepared to push families into possible killing fields as they perform their dirty voting deeds in a bid to curry favour with the elite, the filthy elite in this case.

One wonders how many Government politicians voted to let vultures continue to run amok as it would also serve their own greedy guts as landlords.

Our politicians may be ill so as a warning before you may decide to look up what TDs voted what way, be wary, as you may feel like vomiting.

We looked up the Government website and the result was empty retching.

We suspect you will feel that way after perusing.

Hence, we will leave it to individual readers as to whether or not they want to find out. 

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