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Waste Of Money As TDs Hit €100,000

by Jimmy Rhatigan

We will break the news gently for fear of driving the blood pressure of the Irish people wild.
TDs, the men and women who continue to make a botched attempt at getting us out of a pandemic, are set to get another pay rise.
This will push their wages, wait for it, to over €100,000 a year, not counting liberal expenses and various committee perks
The increase that we are told is also due to higher earners in the public service will be paid by July 1.
Meanwhile the pay of senators, the lads and lassies that survived a botched attempt by citizens to get rid of in a Seanad vote some years ago, will jump to €70,134 a year.
Official information is that wages are being restored to levels last reached in 2008 before pay cuts were imposed during the financial crisis caused by the collapse of a Fianna Fáil Government.
So in fact the privileged ones had hit the €100,000 jackpot long before many of us may have realised.
But the update gives us an opportunity to compare notes.
One statistic just may be a big threat to those with hypertension.
So beware, take a deep breath and don’t put your boot through the telly or you will miss Coronation Street tonight.
A politician now gets the guts of €8,500 a month while an old age contributory pensioner gets the princely sum of €993, yes that is the figure, less than €1,000 a month to live on.
In case your mathematics have gone awry due to temper at this stage, the latter is €7,500 less than a Teachta Dála.
Reality is that the public representatives in arguably the worst Government we have ever had, are riding us bare-backed and then pee on us for an encore.

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