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We need to share the love

by Opinion by Jimmy Rhatigan

I FIND it difficult to drown myself in tears following the passing of the Queen of England.

Naturally I would feel for her family as the death of a loved one is always a traumatic time.

However I know I was far more upset when my parents died and at the times when my two granddads and grandmothers went to their eternal rewards.

Queen Elizabeth will obviously have meant so much to her nearest and dearest and it is important that they should get their space for grieving.

But, to be brutally honest I don’t get the beating of drums and singing of songs as a member of the monarchy lies in state.

And I certainly can’t deal with the fact that so many Irish people are bending over backwards to send their love to a woman most of them know only from a distance.

The positives for the Royal Family, God bless ‘em is that the Queen had 96 years of active life, never waned for a button or bow, probably didn’t have a clue about the price of a sliced pan or pound of country butter.

We are all entitled to show our respect but what I can’t fathom is that when one of our own dies on the streets of our country or a mother or father commits suicide when a family is turfed out of its home by vulture fund there is hardly a whimper.

As a nation we need to put things into perspective.

Respect for the well to do of other countries is kind, caring and indeed neighbourly.

But surely to God own families deserve a little better from us when a loved one dies under difficult circumstances.

We need to share the love and remember to include unfortunate men and women who are victims of tough times.

May the Queen rest in peace.

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