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Zooming In On Equality During Pandemic

by Edited by Jimmy Rhatigan

Kilkenny People Before Profit has organised an online Zoom meeting entitled ‘The Fight for the Future’.
It will discuss Eco-socialism, Renewable Energy and how to get it right, and the struggle for equality in the age of a pandemic.
TD Paul Murphy, who recently merged with PBP, will join Carlow Councillor Adrienne Wallace who was also the general election candidate for the constituency, and Trish Brennan, a community worker from Kilkenny.
The Zoom meeting is on March 31 at 7.30pm.
Details and access for zoom meeting can be found on the facebook page of Adrienne Wallace by searching ‘@WallacePBP’.

Councillor Wallace told Kilkenny Press: “I’m very excited about speaking directly to Kilkenny audiences, many of whom voted Green in the last election but are dismayed at what has happened since the Greens got into government.
“I have had a lot of Kilkenny people in contact with serious concerns about industrial-scale wind farms popping up, and we have had the same issues in Carlow.
“Although everyone is in favour of renewable energy the government has opened the door to big business renewables whose main priority is profit.
“Consequently, they are pushing a model that risks the wellbeing of local people and the local environment. We must fight for a model that works in tandem with community and the local environment and I will be spelling that out.”

Trish Brennan said she is concerned about what the future holds and how the pandemic is affecting women and their human rights.
She added: “A health crisis such as Covid-19 can make existing inequalities for women and girls worse.
“That is especially for women experiencing the increased violence and abuse, which has spiked dramatically.”

She added: “In general, marginalised groups are more vulnerable during emergencies; women and children are particularly isolated and vulnerable as funding to support services had already been slashed pre-pandemic.
“There is a need to constantly highlight this issue and put a spotlight on it as a scourge in our communities.
“More community and voluntary supports are needed for women in the community.
“The empowerment and collective participation of women is critical to tackling this problem – and it is crucial that the voices and needs of women are heard as responses to Covid.19 and gender-based violence crisis in particular”

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