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Covid Certs: Who Will Hold The Baby?

by Jimmy Rhatigan

COVID has brought a new phenomenon to local communities.

It is called dropping a pal like a hot potato, in a whim.

The HSE and its allies in medicine, our esteemed Government politicians, have been paying regular tributes to those who got the first vaccine jab, followed by a second in the case of Pfizer.

Well done boys and girls was the message, you are all a credit to your county and country.

But old friendships don’t always last and in the case of the vaccines, an affair quickly exploded when a booster injection was introduced.

Covid Certificates that enabled people to travel, to eat in restaurants and drink in pubs had been sent out online.

Everything seemed to be honky dory, until a hat-trick of jabs loomed large.

The booster didn’t jump off the shelves as quickly as hot cross buns but it was gobbled up by thousands.

Suddenly, the HSE and Government had new pets to pamper.

Those who were jabbed twice but didn’t take the booster then became persona non grata.


No sooner were the extra jabs administered than the original certs became null and void and new certificates were issued, mainly by email, this week.

Suddenly, the double vaccinated were alienated and will perhaps get a taste of how the unvaccinated might have felt about not being admitted to restaurants, cafes and hostelries.

Reality is that those with one or two only jabs are now, in the eyes of the powers that be, unvaccinated and hence no longer entitled to wining and dining facilities.

The latter of course could create a real problem for publicans and restaurateurs.

Those who were originally jabbed and became regular diners and imbibers will now be shown the door if they attempt to return to their local public house or diner.

There are a few  losers as this story unfolds.

The jabbed and double jabbed, once the fair haired boys and girls but now, let’s put it bluntly, barred, are losers.


Pub owners and their buddies in food are also losers as those they once welcomed with open arms can no longer be obliged with a place at a table.

To make matters worse for publicans, it is a good bet that there will be lots more jabbing along with a pill or pills.

Will those who fail to embrace jab No. 5, 6 or 7 eventually lose their then Covid Certificate status and so will be out in the cold when it comes to eating or drinking.

It may not come to the juncture when owners and staff only will be eligible to eat and drink in local premises.

There could be more outside local businesses than inside.

Stranger things have happened.

Surprise, surprise but the whole mess will lie fairly and squarely at the feet of the politicians and HSE who make the rules.

But, just wait for it they will scream ‘not guilty’.

Guess who will be left holding the baby?

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