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Foxy And Family Dodge The Hunt

by Jimmy Rhatigan
Pics by Donal Foley

FOR HIS own good, Foxy will have kept a low profile on Saturday.

Out in force, with a full complementary of horses and riders and team of foxhounds was the Kilkenny Hunt that roamed local roads before taking to the fields.

No doubt Foxy, Mrs Fox and their cubs did a disappearing act, hoping to be safe and in full health to enjoy their chicken brunch on Sunday.

The very colourful mix of humans and animals that is the Kilkenny Hunt, started out in Hugginstown, clip clopping on main roads before switching to green fields as it journeyed through Carrickshock, Ballyhale and Kilcasey before returning to Hugginstown.

Word is that our friends of the bushy brush survived to continue a South Kilkenny terrain that is its restaurant for breakfast, dinner and tea.

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