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Feck the banks: Join your local credit union

by Opinion by Jimmy Rhatigan

THOSE AT the helm of the banking moneybags called AIB (Allied Irish Banks) should bow their heads in shame.

Their decision to close another 70 ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) in their sprawling countrywide business means a bloody nose for the very people who dug into their pockets to rescue them after the bank crash.

It is the ultimate insult.

It is also a reminder to us elder lemons in particular that the giants of business, banking, insurance, big pharma, purveyors of processed foods and their first and second cousins don’t give a tuppenny fcuk about us.

Or indeed do they care about young families, parents, children, SMEs (Small to medium businesses).

For generations the banks screwed us and treated us as second class citizens and once they got what they wanted they fecked off in search of more lucrative pay days for their shareholders.

The latest act of treachery is an ideal opportunity for us to pay them back for their continuing disrespect.

For far too long we have turned the other cheek.


Cheeks now come to mind as the time has come to give fat cat bankers and their lieutenants a collective kick in the arse.

Should a generation of elderly and others who may choose not to be part of the online cashless revolution opt to continue with cash then their wishes should be adhered to.

AIB is primarily owned by our State and on that score alone has a duty to all customers not merely fellow wheeler dealers in high finance.

It behoves our Government to display a smidgen of courage by wading into the bankers on our behalf.

To dump those who may not be the ones to contribute most to the filling of their bank satchels is an act of greed.

The good news is that by insulting us the banks may be doing us a favour.

Our advice is to go where we know we will all be welcome and respected.

Local credit unions provide a wonderful service throughout our country.

In a credit union it is service with a smile, you get to speak to a helpful staff member, and unlike in so many banks you are not edged towards talking to a machine.


Similarly there is a wonderfully warm welcome and excellent service in local post offices where friendly staff members understand and recognize the value of their community roles.

In Kilkenny we are blessed to have St Canice’s Credit Union, one of the finest in the country, founded by our ancestors and staffed by neighbours’ children.

We can torment ourselves by fretting over the latest blow from fat cats.

The way forward has to be with credit unions and post offices.

If you already use either or both services you will know that there is a huge gap of insincerity between the CUs and the POs on one side and the self-indulgent banks on the other.

The announcement of ATM closures by AIB may have been a kite to test the wind.

You can bet your bottom dollar that other banks will follow suit.

That the reaction by thousands of decent people to AIBs arrogant move has been one of anger and rage may be a sign that we are growing up and getting sense.

Let’s give the fat cats down the banks and give a thumbs up to credit unions and post offices that represent the real deal of finance.

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