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People power forces AIB U-turn

by Opinion by Jimmy Rhatigan

IT WAS in the Year of Our Lord 1898 that a local newspaper called The Skibbereen Eagle had a lash at the Czar of Russia.

The Eagle warned that it was keeping an eye on Russia.

During the week Kilkenny Press took a swipe at Allied Irish Banks that announced plans to close another 70 ATMs (Automated Teller Machines), a kick in the teeth for the people of Ireland that bailed out AIB after it nosedived.

As we know eaten breed is soon forgotten.

That AIB has now done a U-turn and reversed its decision following a fantastic display of protest and public anger.

We would like to think that our kick in the backside opinion piece in which we lambasted the bank may have helped to force the bankers to eat humble pie.

But we would caution that leopards don’t change their spots overnight so to our people we say beware as powerful moneybags tend to find loopholes in most agreements.


That our people stood up to be counted was quite refreshing as we feared that our country was prepared to accept the fact that worn out Mother Ireland’s land was being used as a lucrative playground by vicious vulture funds, marauding pharma, bankers and a plethora of greedy corporate tycoons.

Putting the gun to AIB’s head was a wonderful victory for our people and the notion may be that we have finally woken up to the fact that we are being pushed, punched and treated as second class citizens by those that would sit comfortably under any Fascist Flag.

We would remind our people that there are many more worthy causes to fight for.

We think in particular of the cost of living that is crippling so many families, homelessness, savage shortage of homes, disgraceful lack of services for ill children and regular neglect of hospital beds that leads to trolley chaos that scourges the elderly in particular.


Our plea to our people is to continue their battle with those in authority who believe that we are their slaves.

Well done to everyone and for God’s sake and indeed for the sake of their children and children’s children to be wary of those that would disrespect us.

Please continue to show courage, delete words like apathy from your dictionaries and make a vow to fight for a fair Ireland for the ordinary working man and woman and to hell or to Connacht with the fat cats who may believe that we are their serfs.

For the record the Skibbereen Eagle claimed: The Eagle will still keep is eye on the Emperor of Russia and all such despotic enemies – whether at home or abroad of human progression and man’s natural rights which undoubtedly include a nation’s right to self-government.

Truth, Liberty, Justice and the Land for the People are the solid foundations on which the Eagle’s policy is based.

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