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Inistioge Residents Fight Traffic Plan

by Jimmy Rhatigan

A protest group set up in Inistioge to oppose the implementation of Kilkenny County Council’s Inistioge Traffic Management and Village Enhancement Scheme is to deliver a signed petition at a meeting with council officials. 

The petition has hundreds of signature from local residents and people from outside the area concerned at the impact the plan will have on the village. 

It was conducted last weekend in the village square where people had an opportunity to look at details of the plan. 

It became clear over the two days that many still weren’t familiar with the details, in particular the extent of the ‘fake granite’ paving that will be involved. 

The plan will also modernise the village streetscape, making it impossible for the village to be used as a film location in the future. 


Traffic management measures will reduce passing trade on which the local shop depends for a significant part of its business. 

An online survey in the area showed that 71% of respondents were opposed to the plan. 

Speaking on behalf of protesters, John Gilsenan, who runs the village website, thanked all who signed the petition. 

“It was very encouraging to see so many people take the time to visit our stall to find out more about the plans,” he told Kilkenny Press.

“The question people kept asking was ‘why would the council do this to the village?’

“It was a question we weren’t able to answer. People have seen the extent of the paving in Thomastown and elsewhere and they’re dreading this happening in our nationally-recognised heritage village. 


“While we accept there is a need for some traffic management measures, what is proposed in excessive, unnecessary and inappropriate for this village.”

A visitor to the protest stall was John McGuinness TD and he has since arranged for a deputation from the protest group to meet officials of Kilkenny County Council. 

The group expressed thanks for his intervention particularly since no other public representative had replied to emailed requests from the group previously. 

Those wishing to express support for the protest can join the #SaveInistioge group on Facebook or sign an online petition on https://chng.it/BHXSBPMg 

More information is available on inistioge.ie  

For further information contact John Gilsenan on 086-384 0062.

The message from the protesters is loud and clear: ‘Bin the Plan’.

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