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‘Vat Victory Or Stephens Day?

by Jimmy Rhatigan
Pics by Donal Foley

MULLINAVAT’S weekend win over Erin’s Own of Castlecomer has catapulted the ‘Vat to a Shield final spot against James Stephen’s.

Both the ‘Vat the ‘Comer battled bravely in a game that had been postponed from the previous weekend due to a local family bereavement.

At the finish there were six points between the teams, the ‘Vat winning the league points and a Shield Final spot thanks to a 2-22 to 2-16 win.

So it is to an interesting urban/rural confrontation.

Will it be Stephens Day or will the ‘Vat men collect enough scores to see them to silverware?


The Larchfield, Kilkenny City Club had a tough task in its league outing against Lisdowney and shared the points as both teams finished with 12 points each and not a goal between them.

An amateur punter just might opt for the ‘Vat on the grounds that the club is scoring goals and bags of points.

Stephens Achilles Heel may just be that their forwards would not appear to be firing on all cylinders.

So, taking a tip from an amateur punter may not be such a good idea and perhaps a toss of a coin would be a better option?

Stephens could well rise to the occasion.

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