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Kilkenny: The Adopted City I Love

by Journalism student, Zoha Khan

YOU MAY wonder why should I read this article?

What is so special about this article on Kilkenny City that makes it stand out to others?

I will tell you what makes this article unique: perspective.

I am writing about Kilkenny not as a native nor as a tourist.

I am writing as an individual who moved here, who learned and experienced the city over time.

Kilkenny was not the first place in Ireland I lived in nor was it the last.

However, there is something truly special about it.


It felt and still feels like home.

On weekends when I come home to see my family from university, I always smile as the bus turns in and you can see St Mary’s Cathedral in a distance.

That building is a signal to me: you are home.

They say home is where the heart is and Kilkenny has my heart.

My heart doesn’t feel warmer than it does during the summer months.

I am aware that most people prefer to go to Lanzarote or Lisbon for their holidays, but I have to say staying in Kilkenny is also an enjoyable experience.

Let me paint the picture for you.

A crisp summer morning with delicious Scrumdiddlys ice cream in hand.

Laughing as you try to eat the dripping cheese off your Sullivan’s pizza before it falls.

Sunbathing in the castle park with a full stomach.

That is truly my favourite time of the year.


While some of the activities I have mentioned above may seem like a far-fetched reality, let’s not forget to keep faith.

We have all endured during this pandemic but we have survived.

Even in these grim times, I noticed positive changes in Kilkenny.

I saw new fashion styles and trends adopted by the youth.

I saw small businesses such as Cafe la Coco provide the people of Kilkenny with some well-needed comfort in the form of their delicious hot chocolates.

I saw families spend time together and grow closer than they had in years.

In this spirit, let us all stay strong and keep safe by staying apart for a little while longer.

By doing so we are supporting our local Kilkenny community especially our brave frontline workers who risk their lives each day for us.

Let’s keep Kilkenny safe and thriving, together.

Zoha is a final year student of journalism at the University of Limerick. She is from Pakistan.

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