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‘No Danger’ Christy Would Shout

by Jimmy Rhatigan

ONCE YOU got to know Meadow Way, Kilkenny City man Christy McDonald, it didn’t take you long to pinpoint his admirable traits.

It was obvious that he was a loving husband, a devoted dad and he had a passion for the game of soccer.

Once there was a game in progress involving the local Emfa Football Club, then Christy wouldn’t be far away.

He would be on the sideline, cheering on the club he loved, the Buckley Park outfit that his sons Dave, Michael and Chris played for with the kind of pride that was forever and a day espoused by their dad.

Inevitably, he would be accompanied by his wife Noreen and caring daughter Ann.

Noreen and Christy was a great double act in which Noreen was the quiet, charming and wonderfully friendly partner and Chris was the vociferous football follower with a heart of gold.


‘No danger’ was his familiar cry. He would make his feelings known as a ball bobbled in the Emfa six yards box or indeed on the goal line.

Christy had faith in his local heroes. His loyalty was unquestionable; the club’s claret and blue colours were always nailed to the Christy McDonald mast.

Further afield, Christy’s passion was for Manchester United and, as with Emfa, there was no room for manoeuvre. 

United, like Emfa, was simply the best.

Any Emfa or Kilkenny City football trip down memory inevitably throws up the name of Christy Mc and his wonderful family.

He lived an active life.

He deserves to rest in peace.

Christy is survived by his immediate family, along with his son-in-law Mike, daughters-in law Trish, Carol and Jeanie, grandchildren David, Jessica, Lauren, Robyn, Mikey, Jennifer, Aaron, Ciara and Christopher, grandchildren Ruby, Robbie, Róisín and Penny, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law.

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