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‘Workers Must Fight For Pay Rises’

by Jimmy Rhatigan

Workers need a substantial pay rise in 2022, according to People Before Profit councillor Adrienne Wallace. 

The cost of eating, heating, lighting and driving are set to increase by €2,000 this year for an average household. 

Ms Wallace points out that government has refused to impose maximum price orders to halt rising prices.

“Workers need to put in pay claims to defend their living standards,” she told Kilkenny Press.

“That means calling a workplace meeting and voting to get a union to demand extra wages. 

“Some have claimed that we should not worry because price hikes are ‘transitory’. 

“Yet there is no sign that inflation is declining. Instead hikes have hit a 20 year high.


“Nor should we accept the argument that a wage rise will lead to an ‘inflationary spiral’. 

“Inflation did not arise because workers were pressing for more wages. 

“Instead of constantly looking for wage moderation, maybe it is time we had some ‘profit moderation’ to help curb rising prices. 

“We need at least a 6% increase – not just a few euros.”

Just look at how the elites are behaving, she continued. Robert Watt, secretary-general of the Department of Health, got a €2,920 top-up in October.

He is now getting a staggering €294,920 a year. It’s time workers fought for their share. If you want help in pushing for higher pay, get in touch with the Trade Union department of People Before Profit- [email protected]

Adrienne: 086 3119991 or [email protected]

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