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OLD KILKENNY REVIEW reviews my book

by Jimmy Rhatigan

I was delighted to find a review of my latest book, Treasure Lost, Treasure Found in the 2023 Old Kilkenny Review, the prestigious 174th journal of Kilkenny Archaeological Society.

It is a privilege to be included in the beautifully presented publication that has a series of interesting articles including stories on old Kilkenny and its people, tales of notable Kilkenny men of the past written by Kilkenny men and women of the present and yet another little treasure, the story of Johnswell Gaeltacht.

The book is superbly edited by John Lucey, a man of good taste, lots of talent and tons of nous who along with other volunteers puts his hearts and soul into the historical challenges he and others face in Kilkenny Archaeological Society.

To be included with famous people and places, treasured buildings of the past that will hopefully have bright futures I am truly grateful  and my thanks goes to Editor John Lucey and his team, including my good friend and former workmate, Peter Seaver, not only for being so kind to me and my writing but for their fantastic dedication to Archaeological Kilkenny and all of its peripherals.

The Old Kilkenny Review is on sale at the Parliament Street headquarters of Kilkenny Archaelogicial Society and will shortly be available in local bookshops. Trust me it is a great read.

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