by Jimmy Rhatigan

Bollards at each side of Rose Inn Street in the heart of our city caused chaos on Monday.

And judging by the contrariness of a possible emergency situation the fear has to be that bollards that obstructed a bus could cost a life or lives if an ambulance or fire brigade were trapped.

A coach driver who tried to turn the corner into Rose Street was hampered by County Council Bollards on both sides of the street , making it nigh impossible for the driver to negotiate the corner at Kitty’s Cabin Sweet Shop.

In a desperate effort to make some room for his bus to carry on, the driver and a helper tried to stretch the bollards but when they snatched some small room at one side of the street, the bollards at the opposite side proved to be enemy number two.

The angry driver did his utmost to get his vehicle on the move but the bollards, a monument to stupidity, continued to be a major problem as they blocked the vehicle’s passage.

It took some time to untangle the problem that coach staff worked so hard to try to rectify, a problem that most certainly was not of their making.

Were an ambulance or fire brigade delayed for any period of time, it could lead to the death of a patient in trouble following a local accident or a heart attack.

Delay to a fire brigade could prove to be even more disastrous were a local fire brigade delayed in a race to a blaze or a dash to our local hospital with victims of a crash or fire.

My opinion is that the bollards should be removed immediately, not merely to speed up movement of traffic but more importantly to save a life.

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