by Jimmy Rhatigan

IT looks like being the same old ding dong again in the crazy  world of local council politics.

Every Tom, Dick and Harry seemed to have it in for Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and Greens but when it came to the ballot box it looks as if most of the moaners did a U-turn.

The only consolation is that local councillors have, in reality got very little power to wield as county managers and other officials rule the roost.

At the same time Sinn Féin’s expected shot in the arm never really materialist with forecasts of a great performance by the Shinners fading quickly.

So the only conclusion has to be that we have a death wish as Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael will pummel us with taxes under the guise of our carbon contribution towards the saving of our Planet from so-called Global Warming.

In my view we are a gormless bunch, hell bent on ruffling our own feathers as we have put most of the same suspects back into power at an expense that we may greatly rue.

It is bad enough getting a box in the nose from a foe but when it goes to boxing our own conks then we are in a sad and very sorry predicament.

Things may even up in the General Election where FG has a lot of new guys and girls wearing ‘please elect us’ badges.

Again we will hear lots of moans and groans about ‘that other shower’ that torments us so much.

And then we will queue up to vote for ‘the other shower’, God bless them.

After the distasteful words we will fire in their direction we will go out and vote the trinity back into power, a power which they stole in the first place.

Are we donkeys or not?

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