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Sceilp Inn: Super porter at €4.80 a pint

by Jimmy Rhatigan

IF CHELTENHAM is a class act when it comes to horse racing, then our own Kilkenny City is a Glass Act when it comes to pints of creamy Guinness Stout.

A local Pint to Pint spectacular, courtesy of the Guinness Guru, saw city bar tenders pouring at their very best as the title ‘Best Pint of Guinness in Kilkenny’ was up for grabs.

Like in the horse racing, it was challenging to pick a winner from a selection of hostelries recommended by lovers of the black.

John Cleere’s of Parliament Street became an early favourite as it received a fantastic 8.4 out of 10 from the guru who had sunk a pint of what he called a savage pint of creamy, good gear.

Hot contenders in the cool pint race were Kyteler’s Inn, St Kieran’s Street, Tynan’s, John’s Bridge and The Front Room, John Street.

With votes of 8, 8.3 and 8.1 respectively, it looked like Cleere’s could have, pardon the pun, a Cleere run to the finishing post.

But, as with many of the rip-roaring races in Cheltenham, there was a dark horse in the field.

Cleere’s Pub, Parliament Street


A sensational show by Seamus and Statia Rafter’s Sceilp Inn, College Road saw the popular peripheral pub pip Cleere’s at the post courtesy of a magnificent 8.5 vote.

The judge had praised the Kyteler’s pint as getting better as he drank it, lauded Tynan’s glass of magic as a whopping-looking pint and The Front Room as very, very good.

A slip of the tongue saw the guru refer to the Sceilp’s offering as ‘some fu..ing pint.

It was as if the Rafter Clan had kept the good wine  ‘till last, with apologies to Uncle Arthur.

Kyteler’s Inn, St Kieran’s Street

‘I love this pint; biting through the cream to get to the ruby red liquid. It has some sthick and is flawless,’ said the guru.

The ratings of the pints will no doubt make interesting reading for porter punters.

Just as gripping may be the price of a pint of Guinness at different pubs.

It is €4.90 at The Front Room; €5 in Tynan’s; €5.10 in Cleere’s; €5.50 in Kyteler’s and €4.80 in the Sceilp.

Wherever you decide to enjoy your tipple, the view of Kilkenny Press is that you will be sinking the black with a smile on your face as you look forward to another Guinness.

A bird never flew on one wing.


Tynan’s Bar, John’s Bridge
The Front Room, John Street
Unlucky: Another great pub with a super pint, Ó Riada’s, Parliament  Street was not open when the Guinness Guru knocked

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