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Terrific Tristan Thumps Timber

by Edited by Jimmy Rhatigan

KILKENNY 2s have got off the mark. 

In a game that could have gone either way, a draw was probably a fair result. 

Kilkenny came under the cosh early on, but the defensive tenacity of Danny Mulligan and Gordon Peppard was enough to hold Pembroke at bay. 


Pressure was somewhat self-imposed as David Wall was slow to get into the game, however composure was soon restored and Kilkenny got more of a foothold. 

The key to the Kilkenny performance was in getting Evan Matthews and Diarmaid Langton on the ball. 

Matthews’s ability to transition from defence to attack and Langton’s scintillating runs turned the tide on Pembroke. 

This bold attacking play was rewarded as Tristan Lynas scored and it looked as though Kilkenny could really cut loose.

Pembroke rallied and Kilkenny was grateful to debutant Cody Nathwani. He was a powerful presence from start to finish and made some wonderful saves that kept Pembroke chasing the game.

Against the run of play Pembroke sneaked an equaliser resulting in a hectic final quarter as both teams chased a win. 

The most likely source of a winner was Langton who, along with Luke

 O’Donnell, continued to batter the Pembroke defence. 

It looked as though Kilkenny would take all three points when Langton broke down the right, cut across the top of the circle and teed up Tristan Lynas. 

Lynas released a blistering shot, leaving the goalkeeper helpless only to see the super effort scrape the outside of the post.

The point was important for Kilkenny to get their season up and running, but what is more important is the constant improvement in performance.

Squad: Paul O’Donnell, Danny Mulligan, Nigel Dagg, Gordon Peppard, Gavan Corcoran, Jack Bennett, Alex Firbank, Diarmuid Langton, Evan Hughes, Hugh Dagg, Tristan Lynas, Ross Comerford, Luke O’Donnell, Kieren Delaney

New players are always welcome at training: Tuesday (7.30-9pm) and Thursday (7.30- 8.30pm)

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