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Young Anthony loved Kilkenny holidays

by Jimmy Rhatigan

ANTHONY RHATIGAN who has died in England loved to spend summer holidays in Kilkenny  as a young boy. 

He stayed with the Rhatigan family, 24 Fatima Place, Kilkenny City.

The son of a son of Fatima, the late John Rhatigan, Anthony, aged 68, popularly Tony enjoyed holiday breaks in the 1960s with the late Maureen Rhatigan and her sons Joe and Jimmy.

Joe and Anthony were great friends and enjoyed sojourns in the sun with their friend, the late Kieran Cunningham who came from England to stay with the local Christopher family.

Fatima was also home to Anthony’s grandparents Jim and Ellen Rhatigan and his aunt Bridie.

Anthony died peacefully at James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough.

He survived by his mother Anne; sister Teresa and brothers Paul and David.

Tony’s uncle, the late Jimmy Rhatigan, another Fatima man and husband of Maureen had passed away suddenly in 1953.

His cousins, the Menton family lived in the adjoining Emmett Street.

Funeral service will be at St Bede’s Chapel, Acklam Crematorium, Middlesbrough at 11am on July 22.

Gathering afterwards will be at The Rugby Club, Green Lane.

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