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Good Health: Cheers To Knitting

by Jimmy Rhatigan

A willing man or woman, a ball of wool and a pair of knitting needles all add up to a leisure time of relaxation and calm.
At least that would appear to be the case as Kilkenny Arts Office calls on local knitters to take part in a July Challenge as part of its community art project. Knitted Together 2.
Nobody is trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes, this is a genuine challenge with a twist; to take 10 minutes to relax and enjoy the mindful, calming effects of knitting.
The challenge encourages people to take time to look after themselves and their mental well-being.
Participants are asked to take 10 minutes a day to do nothing but ‘Sit and Knit’.

Experts, we are told, say that there are many positive health benefits of knitting. The rhythmic repetitive movements may induce a form of meditation and a feeling of being ‘in the moment’.
Knitters can ‘zone out’ and enjoy the ebb and flow of the activity whilst enjoying a sense of peacefulness.
This exercise will not only benefit the knitters but also local charity shops as knitted blankets will be sold to supplement their fundraising.
Kilkenny Arts Office, Mary Butler told Kilkenny Press:
“I love to hit my goal of 10, 000 steps a day to look after my physical health but with my busy lifestyle I find it difficult to dedicate ‘down-time’, just for me, away from any other distractions.
“I will now take 10 minutes a day to knit a couple of lines and enjoy the mindfulness aspect of knitting.

“People from all walks of life can join in on this challenge, pick up their knitting needles or crochet hooks and join the fun and find some headspace of their own.”
Knitters can take on this challenge as a solo project or with friends. Participants can knit or crochet eight-inch squares (eight inches across by eight inches down, approximately 50 stitches) using double knitting yarn (DK), the regular ball of wool with no extra embellishment, and 4mm needles or 4mm crochet hooks.
A limited number of kits are available, however knitters are encouraged to use up old wool that they may have at home.
Those who wish to participate can register online on www.kilkennyartsoffice.ie, call 056-7794938 or email [email protected].

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