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MJ: Mount Juliet and Michael James

by Jimmy Rhatigan
Pics by Donal Foley

BEAUTY is in the eye of the beholder.

A moving statue even, would spot the beautiful carpets of wild and not so wild flowers in the green, green grass of home that is Mount Juliet, once the homestead of the McCalmont family.

There are beautiful Daffodils, along with blue and white flowers that are Wood Anemones and Narcissus, a first cousin perhaps of the Daff.

The difference between the latter pair being, or so I am told, that the heart of the Narcissus has a different colour or colours than its relative.

Mother Nature’s wonderful Spring offerings are highlighted by ace photographer Donal Foley who really enjoys ambling at Mount Juliet with his camera.

That is regardless of whether the famous complex of multiple leisure offerings is wearing its Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter coat.


JJ is Michael James Comerford

But as I admired Donal’s handiwork, my grandson and best buddy had a totally different perspective on the flower emblazoned multi-colour photography.

Look at my name, he said so excitedly. Look at my name.

He had spotted the letters MJ in large lettering on a heather mound at the fulcrum of Thomastown’s spectacular international offering.

Yes MJ, Michael James is his name and he is thrilled to bits that the world and its mother can enjoy a name he loves.

At age four, MJ appreciates the public relations piece that certainly caught his sharp eye.

One day my little man may grace the famous Mount Juliet course as a world class golfer.

Who knows?

Flowers are fantastic, golf is great but having your name in big letters is pure magic.

Ask MJ, son of Andrea Rhatigan and Michael Comerford.

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