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SOAPBOX: Dividing People Is Cruel And Dangerous

by Jimmy Rhatigan

Our ruthless Government has sold the food and drink industry a pup.
Because of its precarious edge of cliff situation following enforced pandemic closure, hundreds of under pressure business owners have had no option but to buy into a plan that is laced with self-destruct buttons.
That a toxic combination of FF, FG and Greens has a dirty tricks department there can be no doubt
Whoever came up with the cunning scheme to appease the catering and bar business just may have the mind of a fox delivering seed to hungry chickens and then rounding them up for dinner.
By agreeing to opening up restaurants and bars, a so-called master plan, one would have no doubt that the dithering Government’s plan was to court the support of our people who in fairness are fed up of being locked up.
But the brittle scheme came with a caveat, a ‘you can’ and ‘you can’t’ clause which says that vaccinated people can be served but unvaccinated cannot.

The FF, FG, Green Gang knew full well that it had a ticking bomb on its hands so it cleverly passed it on to decent people who simply wanted to make a living, give employment and get on with their lives.
With a Government that is laced with Fascism, the latter sentiments would carry as much respect as a one-legged man in an arse-kicking competition.
The plot was devious and cosy and was, the plotters possibly believed, a win, win situation for Government.
‘We bake the buns, dip them in poison and the goodies are delivered by restaurateurs and publicans.’
The thinking can only be described as dangerous, destructive, disrespectful and most certainly the mindset of a Government that has no scruples about playing with the livelihoods and perhaps the lives of those it is supposed to respect and cherish.

The ill thought out plot could also lead to a war and peace. Families longing for peace from a war with a Coronavirus monster had to be happy to be told that they could at last wine and dine together, a return to normal life perhaps?
But as with many Governments delivering goodies, there is so often a devil in the detail.
The snake in the grass of opening up on this occasion is the great divide that Government is creating between vaccinated and unvaccinated citizens.
The latter is a stigma-riddled curse, an old war ploy that divided so many, thereby ensuring that any wannabe dictator could rule a roost by getting others to carry out its dirty work.

The divide and conquer scheme is a cruel sting in the tail that could leave respectful, hard-working business families licking their wounds, or worse.
When you spot a Trojan Horse galloping into your paddock, there is only one thing to do.
You put the run on the so and so and kick the arse of its owner.
Our people have made huge sacrifices in the battle with Coronavirus.
Their ‘reward’ from a Government that is daily losing the confidence of our people as it falls from one crisis to another, is to treat them as pawns as they pander to publicans and restaurant owners who must be at their wits’ end.
The industry deserves to be treated with the kind of professionalism that it has delivered for our country over so many generations.
Whoever came up with the scruffy walking on thin ice opening up for the food and drinks industry should hang his, her or their heads in shame.
For the sake of the industry we sincerely hope that their release from the straitjacket of closure will be successful for them.
But we have concerns.

We have every confidence in a majority of food and drink businesses that everything possible will be done to protect people.
But making a decision on who is to be served is another thing.
People in bars and restaurants cook food and serve it up, pull pints and generally give a top class service.
They are not policemen or women.
It is the politicians who dished out the no vaccination, no food dictat but a little birdie has told Kilkenny Press that the notion was mooted by NPHET.

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