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Ennis is stone mad in love with Kilkenny

by Jimmy Rhatigan

ON THE hurling field there is no love lost between Kilkennny and Clare. 

Both counties have strong teams of talented camán wielders and there is seldom more than a puck of a sliotar between the pair at championship time.

Off the park however it is a different story. It is a case of make love not war for the men and women of Munster and Leinster

Clare has fallen madly in love with Kilkenny, or at least our decorative stone has won the hearts and minds of the good people of Ennis.

The love affair developed when the town of Ennis decided that it was time for a visit to the beautician for their streets as businesses reported falling sales; shops were quieter than usual and hotels, restaurants and bars were reporting lean times.

It was then that Ennis fell in love with Kilkenny Stone, decided to give its streets a makeover with what they saw as a stone of beauty and they are delighted with the result of their stone project which shows off the town of Ennis in its best wardrobe.

Result was a fantastic facelift for the streets of Ennis and yes, the thumbs up has been given by locals and visitors who have increased in numbers.

Foes on the hurling pitch maybe but when it comes to stones both are head over heels in love with the same product.

The love affair has led to what looks like being a very happy marriage.

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