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Shame on our disgraceful media

by Jimmy Rhatigan

TO LISTEN to or read about particular media outlets promoting ‘local democracy’ by publicizing the local council elections makes me cringe and feel nauseous.

Those of us who have worked as journalists will understand fully that media like other businesses must promote their wares and their activities in order to publicise themselves.

But talking about ‘local democracy’ at a time when not a single newspaper or radio station gives even a few inches or few seconds to coverage of ‘excess deaths’ and Covid jabs is simply disingenuous.

I have written before and I will continue to write that the media or so-called writers, turned Government propagandists is behaving disgracefully by ignoring the fact that ‘excess deaths’ are continuing to rocket in local communities, including Kilkenny City and County.


Yet there are not even a few paragraphs on newsprint or couple of seconds on local radio about the biggest horror story that should be written and shouted from the rooftops, arguably the greatest disaster, worldwide genocide since Moses was a boy.

Kilkenny Press is not suggesting that everyone died from Covid or even from the vaccines.

But regardless of the cause of the ‘excess deaths’ our people deserve to be told why families are being ravaged by sudden and other deaths.


There were promises from Government that an investigation would be carried out. These came mainly from the former but not so much lamented Government Chief Leo Varadkar.

But, surprise, surprise silence continues to be golden. Not a peep from Varadkar as thousands of people lose their lives for whatever reasons.

As a journalist I am appalled by the treatment or indeed lack of coverage of ‘extra deaths’ by the present generation of so-called journalists who should do the decent thing; throw their pencils in the dustbin and apply for work like filling the shelves in local supermarkets.

Along with some politicians and some medics ‘journalists’ have let down millions of their fellow men, women and children and they should hang their heads in shame.


The Fourth Estate is dead and buried but thankfully people like Celbridge, Kildare Dr Gerry Waters and real journalist John Waters, a serious candidate well worth a vote as a potential MEP, are doing their utmost to spread gospel that is being mutilated by our local and national ‘journalists’.

Also doing a super job informing people about the daily spate of funerals is Thomastown-based accountant Patrick Walsh who works so diligently to ensure accuracy and works hard to get his very valuable ‘excess deaths’ count to as many people as possible to stressed families who have already lost loved ones or continue to worry about parents, grandparents, children and grandchildren.

‘Journalists’ still have the opportunity to do the decent thing and write the story of the century.

But we doubt if that will happen as they continue to live in cuckoo land while at the same time pulling the wool over the eyes of those who still pay their wages.


Mask them and lock them up would appear to be the attitude of the so-called journalists.

With newspapers struggling and radio stations clinging on, one wonders where the money comes from to pay their wages.

That is all so sad in our country that has over the years boasted to have the best journalists, authors and writers in the Universe.

Holy Christ we are in an awful mess.

The trinity of ‘journalists, politicians and medics’ continue to cow-tow to the so-called World Health Organisation and Big Pharma.

And who pays the bill and who is suffering most.

The latter will be the ordinary people of Ireland and indeed the four corners of the world.

The Mafia is alive and well.

The media, medical Ireland and the political gang has teamed up to give us the two fingers.

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